Recently Pakistani Media reported ‘Pakistan and Russia hold “Secret Talks” on CPEC’ and interested in trade route, ‘Russia reportedly becomes part of CPEC’.

Pakistan media reported, “Pakistan has given formal authorisation to Russia to join China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) while both countries agreed to enhance the cooperation in bilateral economic, defence and Intelligence matters.

Later, this  news was categorically denied by Russia saying no such ‘secret talks’ were held on CPEC. Russia dismisses reports of ‘secret negotiation’ with Pakistan on CPEC

Now, coming back to Pakistan, recently there is a change of Chief of Army Staff, Pakistan and new Army General Qamar Bajwa takes over. Prime Minister of Pakistan, Nawaz Shareef who is already facing a lot of heat due to Panama Gate where his offshore companies names popped up in Panama leaks which was an International scam of tax evaders around the world. 

Imran Khan leader of PTI has found one reason to throw Nawaz Shareef out of the power. Earlier, he has made Nawaz Shareef life miserable by holding massive sit-in protests earlier due to rigged election and now he is taking him on the corruption charges along with Panama Gate leaks.

And, not to forget about the ongoing tensions between India and Pakistan after India conducted surgical strikes inside Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK).

It was an embarrassment for Pakistan Army when India’s special forces conducted a raid and destroyed terrorists camps inside POK. Terrorists group like LeT/JeM which are extended wing of Pakistan Army were not happy with Pakistan Army.

This lead to a highest infiltration bids from POK and cover fire to aid terrorists to cross border, in response to this Indian Army/BSF retaliated very heavily on LoC causing massive casualties to Pakistan Army which lead to a lot of tensions on LOC.

Now, keep all this scenario in mind and if you want to deflect the local audience (Pakistan) from important issues like corruption charges (Panama Gate), tussle between Imran Khan and Nawaz Shareef and ongoing tensions between Indo-Pak, isolation of Pakistan on International front, boycotting of SAARC by all neighbouring nations.

You need to talk about the most important issue for Pakistan and Pakistan Army i.e. Kashmir.

Prime Minister Nawaz Shareef did the same, to deflect from the current issue of corruption and save his image, as Imran Khan doing its best to throw Nawaz Shareef out of power and to project Nawaz Shareef as the most corrupt leader of Pakistan.

This is what lead to the decision of Prime Minister of Pakistan, Nawaz Shareef calling newly-elect-president Donald Trump. Again to prove a point to local audience (Pakistan) that there govt. is doing everything on International front to talk about their enemy India and their aggression on Line of Control.

All calls received by President of USA are listed, but as Donald Trump has not sworn-in yet. So, this call was off the record (I believe).

Pakistan  has the habit of ‘self-marketing‘ when nobody is talking about them or least interested in talking about them or  the issues they desperately want to be discussed, they start talking about themselves, and start giving statements to save themselves on political front, recent statement of Sartaz Aziz on invitation of Heart of Conference in New Delhi is one such statement.

There is a famous saying in Hindi (Ek Teer Se, Do Shikar) this is exactly what Nawaz Shareef did. He made a call to Donald Trump, must have praised him (as Pakistanis loves to lie, Remember what they said before Osama-Bin-Laden was found in Pakistan), he must have talked about ongoing situation with India/LOC and most importantly Kashmir.

Now, we exactly don’t know what Donald Trump said to Nawaz Shareef, but as Pakistan loves doing propaganda, they did the same by dragging Russia’s name in CPEC and now bringing elect-Donald Trump’s name.

So, I won’t be surprise if Donald Trump or someone close to him deny any such reports calling Pakistan “Fantastic” and blah blah.

Can you imagine Donald Trump saying all the good things about Pakistan, when there is a incident like “Ohio Shooting” and attacker was radicalized by Pakistani Madrasas? The attacker spent nearly 7 years inside Pakistan.

A right-winger person like Donald Trump calling Pakistan “Fantastic” and vowed to resolve all Pakistan’s problem right after “Ohio-shooting” is really hard to digest. 

We believe according to Donald Trump, the only problem Pakistan has is the “Terrorism” they are exporting not in the region but globally. Now its upto you whether to fall for propaganda which is basically for local audience (Pakistan) or to believe a person like Nawaz Shareef, who would do anything to save his political career.