China is giving signs of lowering its belligerence towards India ahead of the visit of Ajit Doval, the National Security Adviser, who will meet Chinese president Xi Jinping and other Chinese leaders on Thursday and Friday.

Doval will meet Xi along with NSAs of other countries in BRICS including Brazil, Russia, and South Africa ahead of a security dialogue on Friday. Besides this formal meeting, he will have a meeting on the border standoff with Yang Jiechi, the State Counsellor and advisor of boundary matters to the Chinese government.

China’s official news agency, Xinhua, caused a surprise praising Prime Minister Narendra Modi‘s management of the Indian economy and emphasizing the need for enhancing business relations between the two countries.

 This is seen as a signal from the top leadership that any possibility of a military conflict should be avoided because India is an important market for Chinese business.
Chinese foreign ministry on Wednesday refrained from a sharp attack on India when the issue about the border standoff came up. The spokesman merely quoted Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi on the issue and reiterated China’s stands that withdrawal of Indian troops at Doklam is a pre-condition for meaningful dialogue.

There are signs China would be ready for a settlement if the two sides can work a formula to avoid loss of face for the government at a time when the People’s Liberation Army is celebrating its 90th anniversary on August 1.
Source: TOI